Beth from the poultry brand’s Turkey Talk-Line has a simple suggestion for staying on your game.

When it comes to roasting the turkey, there’s really no higher stakes job for the host of any Thanksgiving dinner. Not only are there multiple mouths counting on the cook delivering perfectly-cooked light and dark meat, but whoever’s in charge of the main course probably hasn’t cooked more than one turkey per year of their adult life (if at all!). With so much on the line, we can all be thankful that Butterball has been staffing up a support network with dozens of experts since 1981 when the brand launched the Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL). This year, as the hotline evolves with the technology in our homes and pockets, confused cooks can find the Butterball skill on Alexa-enabled devices, meaning your smarthome devices can share the most-common turkey tips without you even picking up the phone.

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